Valle del Guadalhorce soil is one of the most fertile of the province. There is an important tradition in fruit and vegetables growing, so this region is known as "Málaga pot".

Food Sessions Saborea Guadalhorce has been created with the intention of putting in value the gastronomic heritage and the local products of the region. These sessions will be dedicated to the "local products cuisine ".

It is difficult to get fresh fruit and vegetables farmed in local orchards, even more to find these products in our restaurants. However the used of this products in the Saborea Guadalhorce is going to offer you the opportunity to taste a range of dishes elaborated with local products. You will find the flavour of the traditional cookery, which has a clear cultural component, but also new ways of cooking.

Several restaurants in Guadalhorce Region will take part in these sessions. All of them will elaborate dishes using only seasonal local products.

This activity promote a sustainable tourism, having effects directly on the region, helping to preserve the traditional agriculture and with it the landscape.

In addition, it is a healthy cookery because the seasonal products preserve all its nutritional qualities at the moment of consumption, since they do not need conservation processes neither transport. These health foods come from the garden to your plate directly, after passing for the hands of our expert cooks.

We wait for all you between September 26th and October 26th in the region of the Valle del Guadalhorce.

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